Uniform Policy for High School Students

This shows respect for each other and for one’s self. Pride in one’s appearance is important in academic and professional settings. The uniform policy will be strictly enforced for any school sponsored or school related event.

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Dress Code and Uniform Standards

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Students are expected to be dressed in a manner consistent with accepted Christian community standards of good taste. Local school administration shall develop, publish, and maintain uniform and/or dress code regulations. Each Catholic school in the diocese requires the wearing of a school uniform. A written policy and guidelines for the uniform must be communicated to all parents and students annually.

Procedure for Change

When a change in the uniform is needed or a majority of the parents desire a change, the Principal must give the parents of students and the school staff the opportunity for input.

Options are to be studied according to a process determined by the Principal of the school in consultation with staff and parent/guardian representatives. To insure that an unnecessary burden is not placed on parents who are already facing extra financial responsibilities, they must be given notice prior to registration for the following year to prepare for the change. Special consideration must be given to seniors in high schools, eighth graders, and special circumstance students who shall not be required to be in the "new" uniform, but allowed to wear out the old uniform.

Policies and Procedures

Interpretation of the Uniform

The Principal, assisted by the vice Principal and dean, interprets the application of the uniform and of the following policies.

When the Uniform is Worn

On a academic day, unless otherwise specified, a student will be in uniform at all times while on cam-pus, either from the time the student arrives until he/she leaves or from the time the student arrives until he/she must change clothes for participation in an athletic or extra-curricular activity. If a student has an early dismissal and decides to remain in the building, the student must remain in uniform.

Required Daily Dress  

Dress shorts (tan; knee length or within 3 inches of knee; twill fabric) purchased from Dennis Uniform.

Dress slacks (tan; twill or chino fabric) purchased from Dennis Uniform.

Girls only: plaid skirt/skort; knee length, purchased from Dennis Uniform.

Plain black or brown leather belt with a standard buckle is required on all skirts, shorts, skorts and pants which have belt loops.

Plain long or short sleeve white oxford dress shirt with button-down collar.

Long or short sleeve solid green or solid white polo shirt with logo from Dennis Uniform.

Plain white t-shirts may be worn underneath the uniform shirts year-round.

Solid white turtlenecks or solid white thermal underwear may be worn under the uniform during the cold weather. The uniform top and bottom must cover all parts except the neckline of the undershirt.

Shoes, sandals having back straps, or boots are required.

Socks or hosiery are required.

Best Dress

Every Mass day throughout the school year, students must wear “best dress” uniform. For boys, this consists of the long or short sleeve solid white Oxford button-down shirt with a school tie and tan pants. For girls, this consists of either the skirt or the skort, and the long or short sleeve solid white Oxford button-down shirt. A school tie for girls is optional. Only “best dress” shoes may be worn. No tennis shoes. Other days throughout the year may require “best dress” uniform. Some examples are, but are not limited to, the entire week of Catholic Schools Week and Mass days. No outerwear, of any kind, is permitted to be worn during Mass.

P.E. Uniforms

A student is required to change for P.E. class. The P.E. uniform consists of school emblem t-shirts and shorts. The student must be in complete school uniform when he or she leaves the P.E. class, even if it is the last period of the school day.


Shoes   (all grades)

þPrimarily a solid color such as white, black, brown, navy blue, or grey tennis or canvas shoes that tie securely and have non-marking soles – no high-tops, brightly colored shoes or soles or lights in soles.

þPrimarily solid colored leather oxford, loafer or flat with no oversized soles or heels over 2”, no pumps or bright colors.

þAll shoes must fit well and not present a safety hazard.

þShoelaces must match the color of the shoe and be tied at all times.

þNo Sandals.


Assemblies and Field Trips  HighSchool200courtesy Heather Bird Photography

Students are required to be in uniform for all assemblies and field trips.

Saint Joseph Team Pride/Dress Up Days

On the days when there is a game/event, those students participating on the competing athletic team or in the club/team that is hosting the event, may wear their team, student body officer or class shirts, club activity shirt/jersey or shirts from Saint Joseph Jaymart. All will adhere to regular uniform standards regarding pants/skirts. Alternatively, participants may wear personal best dress on game days and for other activities at the discretion of the advisor or coach.


Approved outerwear bearing the school emblem is permitted (must be worn over a uniform shirt).

All other coats and outerwear must remain in the student’s locker at all times during the school day.


Inappropriate Dress

  • Students will not wear slacks more than two sizes greater than their waist size. If a student’s waist size is 32, he/she may not wear any slacks larger than a 34. Slacks/shorts are worn from the waist.
  • Students will not be allowed to fray the cuff or split the seam of their slacks.
  • Military style belts, web belts, sashes, and customized belt buckles are prohibited.
  • Students may not write or customize any article of uniform clothing.
  • Skirts or dresses with hems more than 3 inches above the knee are not allowed.
  • No hats, tank tops/sleeveless or torn clothing; no necklines below the collarbone; no blouses that expose the midriff; no clothing and/or accessories bearing advertising of a sexual, violent, anti-religious or racial nature or pertaining to tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances or profanity.

Appropriate Free Dress

Free dress shall be appropriate. The Principal or the Principal’s designee shall determine whether or not free dress is appropriate.

Personal Grooming

If the personal grooming habits of a student becomes a distraction to the education process or makes a statement contrary to the mission and philosophy of the school, the administration will take the necessary measures to end the distraction or contrary statement. The following is a minimal list, and should not be considered exhaustive:

  • School attire will be neat, clean and properly worn.
  • Apparel will not be altered or allowed to appear unkempt.
  • Shirts will be tucked in completely.
  • Polo shirts will have the bottom button fastened; 0xford shirts may have the top button unbuttoned.
  • Colored, print, or plaid undergarments will not be visible.
  • Hair shall be neatly groomed. Extreme hair styles and slovenly appearance are not permitted.
  • Makeup and jewelry will be modest and appropriate to the academic setting.
  • Large, numerous, or distracting rings, earrings, bracelets, pins, and necklaces are not permitted.
  • Tattoos (including temporary ones), jewelry worn through pierced noses, eyebrows, lips, cheeks, etc. or other body markings deemed inappropriate by the school administration are not permitted.

Administration’s Determination

The determination of appropriateness, and or compliance, with regard to all uniform and grooming issues is made at the discretion of the school administration (or the administration’s designee). Students who are deemed to be out of uniform will be subject to discipline at the discretion of the school administration or designee.

Please reference Administrative Handbook of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Salt Lake City, Policy 3500