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Mission Statement

Saint Joseph Catholic Schools of Utah inspire a life-long love of learning within the context of the Catholic education tradition. The schools form an integrated pre-3 through 12th grade system that provides each student with the opportunities to excel through exemplary spiritual formation and academic, social, and physical education.

Jayhawk Magazine / 2018 - 2019 Annual Report

2019 Jayhawk Magazine and Annual Report

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Opened in 1877, Saint Joseph Catholic Elementary School is the oldest Catholic School in the state of Utah. Started by the Holy Cross Sisters, in the basement of the old St. Joseph Church in Ogden.  In 1881, Saint Joseph Grade School moved to a new building at the corner of 26th and Washington.  In 1923, Bishop Glass dedicated the new Saint Joseph Grade School, which was built on the corner of 28th and Lincoln. In the fall of 1979, Saint Joseph Grade School purchased the Quincy School from the Ogden Board of Education. The Quincy building on the corner of 30th and Quincy Avenue serves as the present location for preschool through eighth grade.

Saint Joseph Catholic Schools serve nine parishes and missions in the greater Ogden area.  We are the only Catholic elementary school in Ogden.

A Catholic Education Supports Tradition and Values

When you send your child to a Catholic school, you do more than share your faith with them, you also put your faith in us to provide your child with strong spiritual and academic foundations.  At Saint Joseph Elementary School, we believe a student should be:

  • a reflective, discerning, active Catholic
  • a self-disciplined person
  • an academically-prepared person
  • a critical thinker; and
  • a well-rounded person

We are committed to offering a challenging academic curriculum, a variety of extra-curricular activities and many community service projects in order to assist each student in their development. 

  • High standards, strong motivation, effective discipline in a caring environment, that nurtures academic achievement 
  • Catholic school students score an average of 35% higher than state scores on norm-reference and achievement tests.
  • Catholic schools have an excellent success rate in educating minority students. Catholic high school students attend post-secondary education at a rate of 97% and are more likely to complete their program of studies.
  • Catholic school students graduate from high school at a rate of 99%. Saint Joseph High School students graduate at a rate of almost 100%.