Course Name | Credit Type | Description

Aide | Vocational/ Elective

Students registering for Aide will be available to help faculty and staff with various tasks. If you would like to Aide for a specific teacher or staff member please have them sign your Aide Request form signifying approval. Aide forms are available outside the Registrar’s office. 

Every effort will be made to accommodate specific requests based on teacher needs. Aide placements are not guaranteed.

Self-Enrichment | Vocational/ Elective

Self Enrichment is a new offering for the 2019-2020 school year. In this course, you will receive elective credit while getting caught up on assignments. Meant to act like a study hall, this course is designed to give our students the opportunity to work on their own, at their own pace, and helps facilitate a disciplined approach for keeping up with their studies. 

Band | Art/ Elective

This Band class is for students who already play an instrument. Whether you play a brass instrument, woodwind, violin, cello, guitar, drums, piano or bass come join us. You don't need to be proficient in reading music. The styles performed will vary from Jazz to Blues, Rock, Classic Rock, Pop or Reggae depending on instrumentalists available. Among other things you will be taught how to improvise using several scales, emphasizing the Blues and pentatonic scales.

Beginner Guitar/Bass | Art/ Elective

If you want to learn the guitar or Bass this is the class for you. 

In guitar we will learn open chords such as D, G, A and C in their major and minor forms. 

In bass, you will be taught the notes and their position on the fret board, how to accompany a song using different patterns such as Rock, Jazz, Ballads, Blues, etc. 

Once Bass and Guitar are learned, you will be able to join the regular band class if you would like.

Theater Arts | Art/Elective 

Drama introduces students to the many varied arts of theatre, including plays, movement, characterization, memorization, improvisation, as well as a brief glimpse at technical theatre and history. The class is designed to stimulate creativity, confidence and self awareness. 

Assignments and activities are designed to enhance acting techniques in an attempt to improve stage performance. Students learn terminology as well as different methods of training for the stage. In addition, some students will have the opportunity to prepare scenes and monologues for region and state drama competitions.

Theatre Technology | Vocational/Elective

An introductory course in technical theatre, this class teaches students skills and techniques for producing stage performances. The class also offers the unique experience of working in a black-box theatre. Topics will include set construction, lighting, sound, costume, properties, and makeup. Students will also have the opportunity to operate stage equipment as they assist in the staging and lighting of school productions, assemblies, and Mass.

Campus Ministry | Elective | Full Year

Prerequisite: One of the main goals of Campus Ministry is to deepen the faith and social justice life of the Saint Joseph Catholic High School community. Therefore, Campus Ministry students must have an active prayer and faith life, as well as a commitment to the Gospel and Social Justice Issues. It is not necessary to be Catholic, but students must have an understanding and openness to Catholicism in terms of respect for Catholic Liturgy, Gospel Values and Social Justice. 

The purpose of this course is to empower students to be disciples of Jesus Christ in the world today, to draw students into responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community, and to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person. Campus ministry fosters the faith development of young people and the entire school community through effective religious education and a variety of programs and activities, such as service projects, retreats, prayer services, liturgies, spiritual formation programs and leadership training. 

Gender Studies | Elective

The primary goal of this class is to examine the development and current status of men and women’s roles in contemporary American society. We will explore the links between gender and topics as diverse as: religion, fairy tales, sexual harassment, history, theory, language and communication, sports, images of beauty, schools, and media. This class is about celebration more than lament. We are trying to heighten awareness of gender and how it affects nearly every aspect of our lives, effects we often either ignore or miss at our peril.

Psychology | Elective | Prerequisite: Junior/Senior Standing

This class will introduce the field of psychology as the science of human thought and behavior. This scientific study of behavior and mental processes of humans will include topics such as the brain and nervous system, sensation and perception, motivation, learning and memory, language, personality, social, developmental, and clinical psychology. Students will study its basic concepts, theories, and research methods to make connections between the brain, behavior, and experience.

Television Production 1 | Vocational/ Elective

Students will learn basic techniques to successfully edit, produce, direct, and film a newscast. This course will teach students the use of I-Movie and Final Cut. Learning how to operate all kinds of cameras is essential to this class. Students will produce a newscast once or twice per week, depending on the registration number. Learning to operate teleprompter, blue screen, video board, sound board, and cameras will be the main subject of this class. Also, the student will learn, voiceovers, write a script, and to be an announcer. 

Television Production 2 | Vocational/ Elective

Students will master the use of Final Cut as an editing tool, and techniques for voice-over and advanced skills for sound are learned. The rotation for work in the school produced newscast will vary depending on the enrollment of the class. Professional projects are assigned to the students to be completed in a timely fashion.

Yearbook | Art/ Vocational/ Elective

Colleges love student publications experience! It demonstrates involvement, commitment, creativity, responsibility, discipline…and, of course, talent! Make your college application shine by helping us design and produce The Artisan, THE source of high-school memories for generations of Jayhawks. 

Along the way, you will learn the fundamentals of graphic design, photography, typography, interviewing, proofing, and reporting/copywriting. It’s fun, too! Remember: On that last day of school, all eyes are on one thing—your yearbook!

Dance | Art/ Vocational/ Elective

Dance is a not only a performance art, but an intellectual, physical and sensory (perceived by all the senses) study. Warm ups and choreography will include the use of ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, tap and African dance techniques. Students will also learn the history of dance and the influential choreographers of the dance genres through the ages. Students will develop an appreciation for and awareness of their body, that when their body in motion is connected to their thought and feeling, the body is a beautiful, unique, amazing tool for creating art, and expressing ideas, feelings and stories.

Debate | Elective

Debate is a multifaceted communication form deeply rooted in the science and art of logic. Sound logic candevelop intellectual honesty and creates the basis for effective and respectful argument. In an ever-
increasing emotion-centric climate, teaching students how to base their beliefs on sound logic and
critical thinking is central to their ability to discern evidence-based truth. Students should examine logic
and argument as a part of daily life, as a way of enhancing knowledge and their ability to contribute to
ideas that not only affect us today, but shape the world of tomorrow. The Debate curriculum will
involve study of the principles of logic, types of arguments, and logical fallacies as well as demonstration
of understanding of these ideas through quizzes, speeches and written and oral arguments. In addition,
students will learn and compete with one another in the various Debate events included at the UHSAA 2A Debate Tournaments. 

Yoga | Elective

This course is designed to help develop students physically and socially through yoga practice. In this class the basic, foundational yoga postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. This class will also work on various breathing techniques and postures to help students to develop a healthy lifestyle that they can continue to use throughout their lives.

Weight Training | Elective

This activity class is designed to provide basic to advanced instruction in weight lifting/conditioning techniques and provide a program specific to student's goals and needs.  Students will develop cardio, weight lifting and nutrition programs that will develop strength and help prevent injuries through weight training techniques and skills. This class will also help students to develop a healthy lifestyle that they can continue to use throughout their lives.