Parent Involvement Program (PIP)

Our Philosophy

Saint Joseph Catholic High School believes that the education of our students is a partnership with our families. We encourage parent involvement through our Parent Involvement Program (PIP). The program is an opportunity for each family to help us accomplish our common goals in providing a solid Catholic education, in a healthy, safe and attractive environment for academic success. 

PIP Guidelines

Each family with a student enrolled at Saint Joseph Catholic High School is required to volunteer Twenty (20) PIP hours each year with an additional four (4) hours per additional student also attending the school.  PIP may be completed any time between June 1st  and May 31st for a particular school year.   

PIP hours must be completed no later than the last week of May each year with PIP Logs turned in to the school on or before that time. Parents and extended family, who are 18 years of age and older, may volunteer PIP hours for the family.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours count towards PIP hours if the activity directly benefits Saint Joseph Catholic High School. Community service to other non-profit organizations, while charitable, does not count toward the SJCHS PIP requirement. Families will find many opportunities to fulfill PIP hours in all areas of school life. These will be communicated periodically through the JayHawk Newsletter and  E-Blasts. The JayHawk Newsletter includes a running calendar of activities and events and details on activities calling for volunteers. 

Cash Payment

A family may choose to not volunteer their PIP commitment and instead pay the value of their contractual time.  The value of 20 hours work time is $500.  Because PIP is part of the contractual agreement of the school, this payment is not considered a donation. 

In-Kind Donation

If a parent’s business or profession is one that could provide a service to the school, please consider offering the product or giving the service in fulfillment of PIP hours.  Once PIP has been fulfilled for the school year, volunteering these products/services will then become tax deductible and a receipt for taxes may be obtained from the advancement office. 

Reporting Parent Service Hours

When PIP hours are completed, the PIP Log should be turned into the front office. The school is responsible for publicizing opportunities for PIP.  It is the parents’ responsibility to volunteer for the activities of their choice. We encourage parents to become involved in the SJCHS community according to their interests and talents. 

Unfulfilled PIP Requirements

Parents who choose not to honor their contracted commitment are billed $25.00 per hour not volunteered at the end of the school year.  

Click here for a PIP Log to track your volunteer hours.


updated 8/16/2019