Parent Involvement Program

Saint Joseph Catholic School PIP Log

The Parent Involvement Program exists to help raise parent awareness and involvement in the education of their children in a manner that directly affects the school’s programs. Since parents are the primary educator, it is essential that they participate in the
“schooling” process. The intent of this program is positive in nature and supportive in design. There is a place for everyone’s talent

PIP Hours
Volunteer time is required of all families and is based on the number of students enrolled in preschool 3 through high school. The following totals must be earned as a family. If you have students in the elementary and high school your family will be combined as a single unit.

-First student enrolled at the elementary and/or high school campus: 20 hours per year.
-Each additional student enrolled at the elementary and/or high school: 4 hours per year.

It is the parent’s responsibility to volunteer for appropriate activities in order to work the required hours and to see that records of hours worked are turned in to the school office. Log sheets are available in each school office.

PIP Year
PIP hours may be earned throughout the year. PIP hours begin on July 1 of each year and must be completed by June 30 of the following year. Hours and/or payment in lieu of are due April 30th for families not returning in the fall.

Parents of 8th graders and high school seniors must complete PIP hours by April 30 to allow for billing of monetary prorated amount based on the PIP fee regulation below, if applicable. PIP requirement must be completed in order for student to participate in graduation exercises.

PIP hours will be pro-rated if a family enters or leaves during the school year.

If you choose not to work PIP hours, you will be charged an annual program fee of $500 for the first child and $100 for each additional child enrolled at Saint Joseph Catholic Schools. If the required hours are not completed by the end of the PIP year, partial prorated payment of the PIP fees will compensate. Fees in lieu of working your PIP hours as addressed will be invoiced. 


Parents and adult member of the extended family may earn PIP hours. Please see the school office for details of discounted PIP hours using SCRIP cards