Scrip Program

 The Scrip Program is an ongoing fundraiser which benefits the elementary school and its students.  Scrip is just another name for "gift certificate" or "gift card".  Scrip cards are used exactly like you would use any other gift card at a place of business.

When you purchase Scrip you are never buying things you don't need - You are simply trading your cash, that you would have used at a store, for the Scrip cards to use instead.  The first link below answers some frequently asked questions about Scrip.  If you have more questions or would like to talk to someone in person about the Scrip program, we welcome you to contact Rachel Kiernan.


pdfScrip Order Form


Click on the fields that you would like write in. You can fill out the form and either save the document onto your desktop and email it tol, or print the form and bring it to the school.


Our enrollment code is:  17854F5214328






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