Social Science

Course Name | Credit Type | Description

World Civilizations/Geography | Core | 9th grade

This course is a required core class for every student, usually taken during their freshman year. One semester of Geography is required. 

In World Civilizations, we study the civilizations and cultures of the ancient world, the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Africans, and Early Americans. We will also cover the major events and individuals of world history from the Italian Renaissance to present day. We study the world wars of the 20th Century and their impact on civilization extensively. In Geography, we cover the main concepts of geographic study: location, place, region, movement, and human interaction.

AP World Civilizations | Elective | Prerequisite: World Civilizations

(Department & Administrative Approval)

AP World History is a vigorous elective course. The primary goal is to attain a high score on the AP Exam at the end of the year. In most colleges, a passing score will garner college credit. The course of study is about the interactions and growth between human civilizations since 8000 B.C. E. There are extensive reading and writing assignments throughout the year.

History of U.S. Culture | Elective | Prerequisite: Passion for the subject matter and good behavior

This course will be a study of sports (mostly baseball), radio, movies, and television, and their significant impact on American culture. There will be extensive use of the internet, lectures/notes, online homework, and video work. PLEASE NOTE: This course does not fulfill the state requirement for one semester of Art History. It is classified as an elective course.

United States History | Core | 11th Grade

U.S. History provides juniors with a review of early United States history as well as more in-depth discovery and learning of modern history and United States politics and government. Students study the complete history of our nation with emphasis on how the history impacts their lives today and how the United States has fit into the world throughout history.

Government/Financial Literacy | Core | 12th grade

This required year-long course for seniors consists of two distinct semesters. The first semester examines western political theories and comparative world political systems. The first semester provides a basis of comparison for the second, which comprises a study of American national government. Interspersed in each semester are brief consumer economics units.