High School Faculty and Staff

Phone 801-394-1515

We welcome you to call the front office and leave a message for any faculty member to call you back,
or you may click on a link below to email each faculty and/or staff member directly.
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Clay Jones Principal 801-394-1515 ext 02  
Alexis Salvo Vice Principal, Athletic Director, Director of International Student Programs 801-394-1515 ext 03

Joe Cravens

Shawna Norton

Guidance Counselor, 11th & 12th Grade

Guidance Counselor, 9th & 10th Grade

801-394-1515 ext 04

801-394-1515 ext 01

Carole Burbridge Layman Director of Advancement 801-393-6051 ext 223
Kari Lane Admissions, Alumni, Marketing 801-394-1515 ext 05  
Denise Wright Registrar, Cashier  801-394-1515 ext 06
Scott Reinhard

Office Manager

Finance Office

801-394-1515 ext 01

801-394-1515 ext 07




Peggy Barker Art, Art History, Studio Art, Yoga
Alicia Behnken Spanish 1, 2, & 3, AP Spanish
Fr. Michael Durka Basic & Algebra 1, Inter. Algebra, Geometry, College Prep Math
Robert Emenger English 9, English 10, English 12
Kevin Fendrick Trigonometry, College Algebra, AP Calculus AB/BC
Patricia Godoy Anatomy, Earth Science, Biology, AP Biology
Gary Griffenhagen ESL
Colleen Halpin Theology 9, Theology 11, Campus Ministry, Religious Literature
Jay Hart AP English Literature, AP Government, AP US History, Gender Studies, Humanities
Jennifer Hughes Theatre Studies, Theatre Tech, Dance, Computer Tech, Speech and Debate, ATC Business
Kase Johnstun AP Language Arts
John Lee Theology 10, Theology 12, Campus Ministry, Religious Literature
Chad Loosemore
US History, Government, World Civilizations
Shane Reinhard English 11, English 9 H, English 10 H, Journalism, AP Seminar
Alex Salvo TV and Video Production
Alfonso Tenreiro Band, Choir, Guitar, Piano & Instrumental Instruction
Kory Ulle Physics, Chemistry, AP Physics, Ap Chemistry


updated 8/17/18