Visual Arts

Course Name | Credit Type | Description

Art 1 – 1st Semester | Art / Elective

This is a hands-on class with units of study in Basic Design, Freehand Technical drawing, and Papier Mache mask making.

Art 1 – 2nd Semester | Art / Elective

This is a hands-on class with units of study in Ceramics (hand building, wheel throwing, and slip molds), and Drawing skills. Optional units may include building with wood, calligraphy, and mosaics.

Studio – 1st Semester and 2nd Semester | Art / Elective

This is a hands-on course with units in Pen and Ink, Watercolors, Acrylics and Oils. 

Students will complete assigned work in techniques and processes with each of the materials. The course also includes crafts materials and projects. Some of the processes included are tile mosaics, textiles (knitting, basketry, weaving, and quilting), wood working (basic furniture building and wooden sign design), and beadwork. Some projects may be completed for service, gifts, or fund raising.

3-Dimensional Design | Art | Elective

A hands-on class in which problems in depth, space, mass, volume, form and proportion are explored. A variety of materials are used, such as woods, fibers, wire, tiles, Papier Mache, clay and found objects. 

A community service project may also be included. May not be offered every year.

Advanced Studio | Elective | Prerequisite: Art 1 and Studio

Advanced studio students are self-directing in choosing materials and projects. “Artists to Know” are assigned on a regular basis – with students expected to research the artists or styles, create an inspired piece of work from each and take written and identification tests. Critiques of work are held at mid-term and quarter ends.

A. P. Studio – (Drawing, 2-D Design, 3-D Design) | Art / Elective | Prerequisite: Department & Administrative Approval

This is for students who plan to submit a portfolio in the spring to the A. P. program. Individual study and work is done to complete their concentration, with assignments given to help complete the breadth section. Group critiques are held about every 4 weeks to review work done, according to quality and quantity. Some work over the summer is expected. It may take two years to complete portfolio.

Art History | Core | Prerequisite: Junior Standing

The study of art and architecture from Pre-historic times to the present, includes cultures from around the world along with Western art. An appreciation and knowledge of different styles is a major goal of the class. Art and architecture are analyzed in their historical, social, political and cultural contexts. Written tests are taken on a weekly basis, with a comprehensive final at the end of the semester.

Art History Studio – 2nd semester course | Elective | Prerequisite: Art History & Department Approval

Students follow the schedule for art history, but create a piece of work based on each time period and culture studied. Students should have some experience with different art mediums.

A. P. Art History –full year course | Core / Elective | Prerequisite: Department Approval

Students are with the regular art history class during 1st semester; during 2nd semester they explore in greater detail the art and architecture of the world. Gardner’s History of Art is a recommended text with Barron’s A.P. Art History Study Guide. Students prepare to take the A. P. test through individual and guided study and review.

Humanities | Elective Art & Art History

This year-long elective course takes an inter-disciplinary approach to explore major themes in western culture from roughly 1600 to 1945. Numerous examples of art, music, dance, philosophy, science, history, and literature are offered to illustrate their ties. In addition to deepening their writing skills, students are also introduced to close “reading” of the aural, literary, and visual works.