Who We Are

Mission Statement

Saint Joseph Catholic Schools of Utah inspire a life-long love of learning within the context of the Catholic education tradition. The schools form an integrated pre-K through 12th grade system that provides each student with the opportunities to excel through exemplary spiritual formation and academic, social, and physical education. 

Beliefs and Values

The Catholic Church has provided for an education of our northern Utah youth which brings the Gospel to their lives.  Our school honors our legacy of worship, prayer and sacrament, study of God’s word and the tradition of the Church, and service to all people.

Saint Joseph Catholic High School is administered by the Diocese of Salt Lake for the people of northern Utah.  We teach the diocesan curriculum in theology, campus ministry, academic subjects, performing and visual arts.

We believe that the students in our community deserve our best: our best teaching, our best prayers, our best coaching.  Our school believes in providing an exceptional education for soul, mind, and body - because we believe in the unlimited value of each student.  Saint Joseph Catholic High School values education for its life-changing power.  We value the rich array of gifts a diverse community possesses.

We believe in supporting families in their sacrifice for Catholic education through our income-based grants.  We welcome to our community all who wish to join in its mission.

A Brief History

Saint Joseph Catholic School is built on a rich Catholic history in Utah and in Weber County. Our history and tradition were established in 1877 when Rev. Lawrence Scanlan, later consecrated the first Bishop of Salt Lake, established a school in a small, wooden structure, named in honor of Saint Joseph. In 1879, at the invitation of Father Scanlan, the Sisters of the Holy Cross opened a boarding and day school, known as Sacred Heart Academy, on 26th and Washington. It was in 1881 that, due to the overcrowding that prevailed at the Academy, the first parish school was built. In 1890, feeling the need for expansion, the Sisters purchased property on 25th street and erected the impressive Sacred Heart Academy. That institution, until its closing in 1938, was the center of Catholic culture in Ogden. The old academy on 26th and Washington continued as Saint Joseph's School for Boys until 1923, when Monsignor Patrick M. Cushnahan, pastor of Saint Joseph's Church from 1881 to 1927, erected a substantial, fireproof building on 28th and Lincoln which was named Saint Joseph's Grade School.

In 1943, a junior high school department was added, but crowded conditions necessitated the closing of the tenth grade in 1950 and there was no possibility for housing the still larger ninth grade the following fall. Alerted to this imperative need, the Rt. Rev. Monsignor Patrick F. Kennedy, V.G., spent considerable time and effort gathering information to proceed with a new school and gained approval from the Most Rev. Duane G. Hunt, Bishop of Salt Lake City. Lay Catholic leaders, fired by the zeal of their pastor, volunteered concerted efforts to make SJCHS a reality, opening its doors in September of 1954, under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Cross and the Jesuit Fathers. In 1985, a new addition was built to house the Val A. Browning Library followed in 2003 with the Sam & Aline Skaggs Arts Education Building. Major renovations have been performed to improve the campus over the past decade, such as carpet and flooring, walls, windows, gymnasium floor, and more.

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Catholic Education Supports Tradition & Values

When you send your child to a Catholic school, you do more than share your faith with them, you also put your faith in us to provide your child with strong spiritual and academic foundations.  

At Saint Joseph Catholic Schools, we believe a student should be:

  • a reflective, discerning, active Catholic
  • a self-disciplined person
  • an academically-prepared person
  • a critical thinker; and
  • a well-rounded person

We are committed to offering a challenging academic curriculum, a variety of extra-curricular activities and many community service projects in order to assist each student in their development. 

  • High standards, strong motivation, effective discipline in a caring environment, that nurtures academic achievement 
  • Catholic school students score an average of 35% higher than state scores on norm-reference and achievement tests.
  • Catholic schools have an excellent success rate in educating minority students. Catholic high school students attend post-secondary education at a rate of 97% and are more likely to complete their program of studies.
  • Catholic school students graduate from high school at a rate of 99%. Saint Joseph High School students graduate at a rate of almost 100%.

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Safe Environment


In June, 2002 the U. S. Catholic Bishops drafted the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. In that document, the Bishops vowed to do everything in their power to create and maintain Safe Environments within the Catholic Church in the United States.

The Bishops also agreed to establish Review Boards in each diocese comprised of mostly lay people who would advise the bishop in his assessment of allegations of sexual abuse of minors and in his determination of suitability of ministry. They would also regularly review diocesan policies and procedures for dealing with sexual abuse of minors. The Review Board for the Diocese of Salt Lake City was established in August, 2002, and is comprised of eleven members, mostly lay people, with backgrounds in education, law enforcement, psychology, social services and the judicial system.

The bishops vowed to establish safe environment programs in every diocese to be conducted cooperatively with parents, civil authorities, educators, and community organizations to provide education and training for children, youth, parents, ministers, educators, volunteers, and others about ways to make and maintain a safe environment for children and young people.

The Diocese of Salt Lake City's Safe Environment Program was established in the spring of 2003 and requires all individuals having regular contact with minors in the diocese to:

  • participate in a criminal background evaluation
  • complete the Online Training Course
  • read and be familiar with all Safe Environment Policies

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Bus Route

Saint Joseph Catholic Schools

2019/2020 Bus Route


Monday - Thursday

7:04 AM Hill Air Force Base- South Gate

7:24 AM Ogden Front Runner Station- Northbound arrives at 7:24 AM at Ogden

7:30 AM Saint Joseph Elementary School

7:35 AM Saint Joseph High School


Monday – Thursday

3:10 PM Saint Joseph Elementary School

3:20 PM Saint Joseph High School

3:30 PM Ogden Front Runner –Southbound departs at 3:37 PM

3:50 PM Hill Air Force Base- South Gate

Fridays The morning route remains the same, but school releases at 12:15 PM on Fridays.

12:25 PM Saint Joseph Elementary School

12:32 PM Saint Joseph High School

12:44 PM Ogden Front Runner

1:20 PM Hill Air Force Base – South Gate

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If you schools experience transportation conflicts, we will contract with First Student Bus Company to transport our PM route. The PM route will not begin until 3:50 PM on these days.


School Board

Saint Joseph Catholic Schools have a combined school board for the elementary school and the high school. The Saint Joseph Catholic Schools Board acts in an advisory capacity to the schools Principals. This school board gives generously of their time and talents to support our students. 

Parents who are not board members are welcome to attend any school board meeting. At the beginning of each board meeting, there is an open invitation for any concerns, questions and/or other issues to be voiced by attending parents.

2019- 2020 School Board Members

-Michael Callahan, Board Chair - Former Executive Officer/Sr. Vice President of Business Development and International Operations for Cabela’s 

-Dr. Marc Ybaben, Past Board Chair - Psychologist, Occupational Medicine Services, Hill AFB 

-Nancy Essary - Principal, Saint Joseph Catholic Elementary School (Ex-Officio)

-Clay Jones, - Principal, Saint Joseph Catholic High School (Ex-Officio)

-Mark Longe, Superintendent - Utah Catholic Schools (Ex-Officio) 

-Fr. William Wheaton, Pastor - Holy Family Catholic Church

-Bob McConaughy, Electronics Technician - Hill Air Force Base

-Catherine Slatter, CFO - Logistic Specialties 

-Pat Wade, US AIr Force Reserves 

-Amada Chavez, Restaurant Owner  

-Kevin Wilson, Flight Systems Solutions Business Development Manager - Hill Air Force Base  

-Herman Armendariz, Consultant - Business Owner, Hispanic Committee Representative 

-Shawn Choate, Bank of Utah  

Catholic Parishes


Saint Joseph Catholic Schools are not single parish schools. We are more like a regional school in that we serve all of the parishes and families north of Salt Lake City, across the valley and even up into the Southern reaches of Idaho. Below is a list of Catholic Parishes with whom we have a growing support system.

Christ Prince of Peace Catholic Church
Hill Air Force Base | 801-775-6727

St. Henry Catholic Church
380 South 200 East in Brigham City | 435-723-2941

St. Florence Mission
6461 East Highway 39 in Huntsville | 801-745-5673

Holy Family Catholic Church
1100 East 5550 South in Ogden | 801-479-1112

St. James Catholic Church
495 Harrison Blvd in Ogden | 801-782-5393

St. Joseph Catholic Church
514 24th Street in Ogden | 801-399-5627
St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church
210 South Chapel Street in Layton | 801-544-4269

St. Olaf Catholic Church
1800 South Orchard Drive in Bountiful | 801-295-3621

St. Mary's Catholic Church

4050 S. 3900 W. in West Haven | 801-621-7961

Diocese of Salt Lake City

The Vatican